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Welcome to the Website for Transport for Melbourne (TfM).

TfM is also very pleased to  currently host – Transport for Everyone (TT4e) that is an important and active alliance of six transport and planning advocacy groups.  See the T4e web pages.

“Transport for Melbourne” is a coterie of independent, non-partisan transport professionals that are seeking to improve the attractiveness and performance of public transport throughout Melbourne through innovative and consumer orientated approaches.  These professionals have years of experience covering State transport policy, transport research, public transport project analysis and local government project collaboration.

You are invited to become a “Friend of TfM” by all-edited-enhanced-sepiacontacting us by email, phone or twitter.  You will then be contacted for special events and provided advice on current key transport projects and/or campaigns.

Being a “Friend of TfM” is cost-free and also free of any commitment to attend meetings, functions or provide input into projects – unless you advise TfM that you would like some level of involvement!!

Transport for Melbourne has prepared a draft  “ Transport Charter” that provides the community with a clear statement of what it should expect from our public transport system and what needs to be done to achieve it.

Transport for Melbourne, in conjunction with RMIT, held a Transport Public Forum on Thursday 4 August 2016 –  designed to facilitate discussions to improve community consensus on our city’s transport and chart the way forward.  Key leaders in transport reform spoke at the forum, with additional comments from the other related transport and planning advocacy groups.


Transport for Everyone (T4e)

TfM has facilitated an alliance of six transport and planning advocacy groups, titled Transport for Everyone (T4e). TfM is secretariat for this alliance.

Information on TT4e can be found on this website under a separate drop-down menu.

A TT4e public forum is expected to be held in 2017 to canvass a broad range of transport issues.

Transport for Melbourne is a small think tank and advocacy group of transport professionals whose mission is to promote a better understanding of transport issues that Melbourne faces now and how these can be better addressed.