About TT4e

The creation of a collaborative entity, Transforming Transport for Everyone (TT4e) stems from the urgent need to tackle the transport planning problems and accelerate customer focused solutions for the Victorian community.

Its creation recognised that the power, advocacy and influence of all the key transport and planning advocacy groups are enhanced by collaborating on identified key overlapping areas of mutual interest – to pursue as a united front.  However, it is important to note, that each advocacy group will still pursue, independently, its other specific agendas, programs and projects.

TT4e is currently an alliance of six transport and planning advocacy groups, being:

TT4e has prepared a Transport Declaration to underpin its actions and directions in advocating for, and  pursuing, improved transport solutions for Melbourne and the regional Victoria.  Please follow the link or go to Transport Declaration drop-down menu..

6.1 TT4e Declaration Final Version Agreed 14 August 2017

Transport for Melbourne is a small think tank and advocacy group of transport professionals whose mission is to promote a better understanding of transport issues that Melbourne faces now and how these can be better addressed.